Architects started the initiative for saving the forgotten panel from the rowing base in Pancharevo. Arch Marqna Sarbova and Arch. Valery Gyurov developed a project for the conversion of the panel in a piece of urban furniture- a new place for resting, playing, picnic and partying for everyone visiting the area. This is agreed with the Мunicipality’s idea to enrich the region with further cultural activities. The space is easily accessible by foot, by bike, boat or by car.

The concrete structure was built as part of “Tribunite” Complex in 1977 for the World Rowing Cup held there. In the years after that it started demolishing and at the moment of the project it was left unused, unattractive and unpleasant. The relatively famous and often visited place by sport players, fishermen and tourists was full with waste from building works in the area and garbage. In the beginning of 2011 TRANSFORMATORI Association won financial sponsorship from the program “A place for living 2011” by the foundation Ecocommunity for cleaning and improving the area around the panel.

The main activities were focused on cleaning the zone from the garbage and the uncontrolled vegetation, disarming and upgrading the soil, creating seating places, defining space for sport and parking on an asphalt area, as well as its definition by green zones.

On the 10.09.2011 was the official opening of the first stage from the initiative TABLOID- A New Life For Pancharevo. At the time of the event a huge group of children was playing, experimenting and building with recycled and natural materials, organized by the team of Architecture Workshop For Children.

Our visions for the future of TABLOID are this to become a place enriched by different cultural events, parties, acts, workshops, etc. We hope that the message we send through our work will generate more and more cultural and nature friendly activities in the area.