S c a n n i n g  P l a c e s  I n  N e e d [SPIN]


The project’s main aim is to SCAN places in need in the area of Poduyane neighborhood in Sofia, Bulgaria. Scanning means searching for something special. The project is looking for the hidden potential in abandoned and forgotten places. These places need IDEAS for their renovation and integration in the contemporary urban life. The project aims to collect ideas from the people, especially youngsters in the neighborhood and then turn the ideas into real projects.


SPIN takes place in Bulgaria’s capital city – Sofia, precisely in the region of Poduyane. It also takes place in the participants’ homes and minds. Because that’s where change begins.


We will scan the entire region, which contains of 8 smaller areas*.
We will organize meetings, training and workshops in the schools, culture centers, as well as in the open places in Poduyane.
We will be constantly available for contact/ conversations/ ideas sharing in our Laboratory for Urban Design.

*(Hadji Dimitar, Stefan Karadzha, Suhata reka, Vasil Levski, Levski B, Levski G, Malashevci and the area around the old railway station)



SPIN scans the region with the help of  V o l u n t e e r  S e e k e r s. The Seekers SPIN through the neighborhood, observe, scan, take pictures and describe the environment they are in. The Seekers meet with people who live in the hood and get into direct contact with them. They create and collect ideas for PLACEMAKING PROJECTS in the region. Together they create a map of Poduyane – here.


After scanning, mapping and choosing the problematic places together with the volunteers we will choose one place – the one we believe has most potential to become a place for gatherings and social interaction. It could be a place for dating, open air cinema, a market or a festival stop… It all depends on the people who create it – the people from the region and our seekers.
You can be a part of it!

If you are interested in the urban environment around you, if you care about it and want to improve it – mail us – smen.poduyane@gmail.com

The project for urban renovation, involving students into being part of the place-making is supported by EEA Grants.