R e – c r e a t e   t h e   b a c k y a r d !

This was a two day intervention in the backyard of a children’s asylum in Sofia. We gathered with the kids from the asylum and together turned the abandoned yard into a colorful urban oasis.
In two days the volunteers and we:
• Planted 300 flowers
• Turned a brick wall into a small vertical jungle
• Repaired and painted 20 benches
• Drew a football pitch and a basketball pitch
• Repaired the basketball baskets and football doors
• Knitted the fence
• Added places to sit on
• Cleaned the entire yard
• Made an improvised slackline

Thanks to COP Slaveikov, all the volunteers, who participated in the action – Lyudmil, Krum, Mitko, Krasi, Svetoslava, Iva and her helpers, and most of all thanks for the help and smiles from the kids who also took part in re-creating the backyard!