This event supports Sofia and SE region as a candidate for European Cultural Capital 2019.

ReVision is an initiative of Transformatori for temporary artistic interventions in provoking urban sites, their revaluating in the urban and historical context and “translation” in the contemporary context.

This edition is focused on city monuments – places of shared cultural and historical values. Monuments influence and send messages to generations, along with generating emotions, aesthetics and social interactions.

We believe that contemporary ideas should be represented by contemporary methods. This is why our team organized a competition, followed by a workshop for 3D-mapping on the surface of the monument “1300 years Bulgaria”.


Tanya Mihailova – PAMETnik or bezPAMETnik

Mariana Syrbova – The Memory of Monuments

Yana Melamed, Dragomir Yordanov – De’mode

Alexandar Todorov, Veselin Veselinov, Maria Dimitrova, Nikola Nikolov – Unite Our Dreams

Martin Evlogiev, Lyudmila Evlogieva – From Demolition to Creation

Boyka Shpan, Antony Stoev – Sky and Earth

Kamelia Belincheva – Birds

Borislav Grigorov – Steam Factory

Radoslav Georgiev – pART OF THE HEART


Entry Requirements

Participants should send to workshop@transformatori.net the following:

Candidates must be able to use software for video-editing and visual design.


The mentor team/jury will select 10 teams/authors, based on the received synopsis. The chosen projects are expected to meet the following criteria:


The selected authors will participate in the workshop and along with the mentor team will produce videos, which after final selection will be mapped on the surface of the monument “1300 years Bulgaria” in front of the National Palace of Culture.


Participants in the competition own the rights of their artistic product. Organizers can use the products in order to popularize the project in media, on the association website and other post-production materials and videos while mentioning the authors in the workshop, when and if possible.

Mentor team and jury

Our mentors are experts from different areas – contemporary visual and digital arts, sculpture, anthropology, design and architecture. Their role is to select the participants for the workshop and to help them develop their ideas into a final product. The workshop takes one week, fulfilled with interactive discussion work meetings, taking place in the LAB. The mentors will choose the finalists for the 3D-mapping event.

Mentors and jury members:



16/09/13 Competition Announcement

20/09/13 Announcing the mentor team/jury

26/09/13 Open questions deadline

30/09/13 Answers deadline

06/10/13 Synopsis deadline

10/10/13 Announcing the authors, chosen to participate in the workshop

10/10 – 14/10/13 – Individual preparation for the workshop

14/10/13 – 21/10/13 – Workshop with the mentors

21/10 – 27/10/13 – Individual final work and preparation of the videos

27/10/13 – Video projects deadline and final selection

28/10/13 – Technical tests

01/11/13 – 3D mapping event – the chosen projects from the workshop


Organizers and partners:

The project is realized with the support of Sofia Municipality and is part of Sofia’s candidacy for European Capital of Culture 2019.

elektrik.me – workshop tutors

proTechnica EVENT – technical performance

summer scene “One More Kino” – place for debates and presentations during the workshop

Research Center for Social Sciences, Sofia University, Seminar BG

University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy – Laboratory for Urban Design of Architecture Department and Transformatori Association

Media Partners

Streamer.bg – live online streaming of the 3Dmapping

ANONS newspaper


FM+ radio


For questions








proTechnica EVENT