In the interval between our first two actions we received an invitation from the French Cultural Institute to take part in the fifth edition of “APERO ELEKTRO” – a series of parties in the exhibition hall at 2 Diakon Ignati Str.
The program for 5th of June included the exhibition of our friend the photographer Nikola Mihov “A picture with the Eiffel tower”, the music of 1000 names and the premiere of the Yann Arthus-Bertrand film “Home”.
As it was the World Environment Day the motto of the event was ELEKTRO-ECLEKTO-ECOLO and our mission was to make something beautiful out of nothing.
Our concept was to “conquer” one of the parking places in front of the Institute (obtained almost with a struggle in the very last moment), to cover it with grass and to make furniture from recycled plotter paper left over rolls and origami from old magazines for the two storey space of the exhibition room (now is the moment to thank plus-architecture who assisted us once again, giving us their office space and the company Dacia, when needed). This mixture of ideas familiar with Parkingday and Shigeru Ban did not claim to be innovative, its aim was to show how little effort it takes for a citizen to feel cozy even in the street.
For a few days we were collecting the paper rolls, cutting and making the roll-mats in the not so cozy underground of the institute. The logotype which we used to brand the mats was made by our helpful friend Boris Bonev.
Pitifully for the DJs and fortunately for us because of the bad ventilation the party happened on the pavement in front of the Institute and continued even after the music was over. Here are some pictures from the place and the event….
The grass sods and the pipe-mats were benevolently given for second use during the festival Water Tower in Lozenetz.