Economedia invited us to design the space for the event of Capital newspaper – Capital top 100.
The event took place on 04/07/12 in the artificial dry lake in the park of the Military Academy. The whole vision and furnishing were created along with Special Events Group, Red Devil Catering and Banda.
The concept for the space was developed on the metaphor of sailing in open sea.
The event takes place in a dry, empty lake. Dry, just like the last few years have been for business. The empty lake revitalizes as if from a fairy tale. The stage becomes a ship. White ship, that sails in the open sea of business opportunities. Because the helm is in good hands…
Transformatori participated with the design of the space, our design for alternative cocktail tables, little stage-raft for the jazz musicians and small yacht-port made from newspapers (of course – Capital) and paper lightning lilies.