FORi 3.0

Transformatori Association presents interactive multi-media projection urban lamp FORi 3.0 (FOR information)!

FORi 3.0 is an interactive multi-media projection lamp for alternative advertising of cultural projects and events in urban and green areas. In contrast to conventional advertising, FORi 3.0 provides the possibility to project video and images everywhere in the city – on the pavement, facades, urban furniture – thus differentiating the cultural from commercial advertising through design and technology.

FORi 3.0 aims to contribute for the recognizability of the cultural sector in the dense city, through innovation, interactivity and adaptability in the constantly evolving urban environment. The lamp is able to project a selection of videos, but also to be controlled by a person in short distance. In that way, besides the “programmed” selection of videos, everybody nearby FORi 3.0 would be able to connect to the device through a local WiFi Hotspot and to project his/her own videos or images. That possibility transforms a conventional advertising facility into a tool for playing in the city – the process of cultural exchange becomes two-sided – a person will not only receive but will also be able to send messages to the city.

The development of multi-media lamp is a process that has been going on for the past 3 years. Its prototypes has been tested in Sofia, Stara Zagora and Plovdiv, spent in total more than 6 months in urban environment. Besides its main video projection function, FORi 3.0 is lighting up the area around it and has integrated places for seating and observation in its structure. In addition, FORi 3.0 is equipped with WiFi Hotspot, which provides direct connection to the multi-media lamp.

More details for the pilot installation of FORi 3.0 will be coming soon!

The project is being developed with the financial support of Cultural Innovations Fund by Sofia Municipality and Sofia Development Association.