Flava house is the new laboratory for street dance and culture of Sleepwalking ( notorious breakdance crew from Smolyan). Mid-February 2013, they turned to us to make the interior of a place they just rented at “Tsar Simeon” 70 in Sofia. The area has so far been used by Street Art Academy, and the task was to transform the place into a dance hall and cultural events venue in … 11 days. Budget and time were very limited. We had to design while building. The program included locker rooms, dance floor, seating for visitors, reception and a DJ console. Stocktaking: 187 used pallets, 194 OSB and MDF panels, affixed with 2320 screws , 25 sparaycans and a new place on the cultural map of the city.

Foto credits: Marin Kafedjiiski
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