Backyard ART

As part of a private initiative and after the incorporation of TRANSFORMATORI Associaton, the backyard of UBA at Shipka 6 got new life. For more than 20 years the backyard of Shipka 6 served as a storage space full with old unused waste and garbage. However, the yard is part of the commercial area of UBA, including small commercial and storage spaces. Due to the extremely difficult access to it and bad state it was left in, the yard was considered more as a dead area, a lost space in the city centre of Sofia, completely invisible for the passengers. At the same time, we saw in that space a huge potential for the creation of an attractive public space.

The main part of the project is the artistic touch on the glass façade of the south building of UBA. The aim is more esthetically pleasing look to be achieved. The project includes also partial landscape works and planting, as well as creating an entrance towards the “St. Kliment Ohridski” Street.

For the project we used a lot of paint, mix of grass and plants and 240 palettes. The palettes were painted for fireproof resistance and ordered alongside the unused façade.

From the old storage space and wasteland, the yard became in a space for alternative cultural events. Backyard ART or how to make ART in your backyard..