The Contemporary Urban Archaeology project (Culturemap) aims at mapping existing or potential cultural centres and spaces located within the boundaries of the Sofia Municipality.

The project was initiated by the “Sofia for Culture and Art” Foundation and was executed by Transformatori in collaboration with the Association for the Development of Sofia, Sofia Architecture Week, and with the financial support of the Sofia Municipality “Culture” Program.

Currently, the culture industries are experiencing a shortage of spaces, where they could house their activities and initiatives, develop and present their projects. At the same time, local schools and libraries struggle to use efficiently the spaces at their disposal and the lack of ownership destroys cultural monuments and other highly-potential, but underused social environments.

The aim of the project is to map not only the institutional cultural centres, but also the informal underused spaces and their available facilities throughout the 24 districts of Sofia. The project requires the collection of information and the subsequent creation of database featuring a various mix of useful social places like museums, theaters, galleries, cinemas, local libraries and schools, concert halls, commercials spaces, workshops, green parks and sports facilities. This information will be included in the newly-created website which will act as an interactive platform providing an easy access to the gathered data.

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