We were invited by Foundation “Credo Bonum” to design and build a balcony to an unused patio at the foundation’s office and gallery at ul.Slavianska in Sofia.
The existing situation was a “french” window with metal grille, overlooking a courtyard with low-quality temporary tin sheds and self-grown trees. Under the window was a small, debris-filled site of 1,2 x 2,4 meters.
The design was dictated by the size of the place: a modular construction of euro-pallets, which fits entirely with the site. The metal grille was removed to provide access and at a height of 2,5 metes above ground a mini, yet functional balcony was erected, consisting of 3 pallets for a floor surface and 4 as a side and front railings.
The balcony is developed around an existing tree and allows for meetings, outdoor recreation or even parties with its built mini bar-counter.