Year 2010 started with unprecedented cold spell. In spite and just because of that we started with a temporary vinyl-cardboard shelter for a homeless person who lives in Sofia center on a coverlet and mattress.

The “outhouse” is made of 4 layers corrugated cardboard. Vinyl covering does hydro-isolation. A “pillow” from a cardboard frame, 2 layers semitransperent vinyl, and bubble wrap filling is used as a door. Shelter is put on 2 reclaimed euro pallets, which keep dry floor.

This action is part of a vinyl-recycling project. Advertising agencies use yearly billions of square meters vinyl for billboards, and that only one-sided! By series of such demonstrations of vinyl reuse, Transformatori would like to draw attention not only to environmental pollution, but also to ad boards pollution in cities.
The materials for that certain action live their second life. To be reused are cardboard and 450 m2 vinyl from the exhibitions “Housing Models” and “Sofia Remixed” – both part of Sofia Architecture Week ’09.

Valeri Gyurov/ Vladislav Velkov/ Delcho Delchev/ Martin Angelov/ Raya Boyukova
Special thanks to Radosveta Kirova for the support.