Act on the street is an event for the artistic transformation of 51 control panels on “G.S.Rakovski” Street in Sofia. The intervention was accomplished by TRANSFORMATORI Association and an electricity operator from The Municipality Of Sofia. The aim of the initiative is to upgrade and improve the control panels as elements of the urban environment, and through artistic intervention to add to the unique artistic spirit of Rakovski Street, as well as to the beautiful European look of Sofia.

Theme of the event

Act on the street

“Rakovski” inspires us with the large number of theatres and cultural institutions, galleries and art shops it has. With its multiple faces, the street is an important place on Sofia culture map, labeled as “the street of the theatres”.

So the theatre is going out on the street and the street itself is becoming a theatre. The painted panels become alive in a scene of urban heroes. They tell the stories of Sofia’s city life.